Quality & Regulatory Support

SAFC has multiple cGMP manufacturing locations worldwide for biochemical production and manufacturing of complex organic APIs and key intermediates. Therefore, SAFC must meet many different regulatory requirements globally. Our Quality Systems are designed to meet stringent regulatory requirements, but flexible enough for us to customize many specific items for your needs.

Quality Management Systems

SAFC is committed to being the preferred global supplier for research, development and manufacturing in life science and high technology. We realize this goal by establishing and maintaining outstanding Quality Management System.

Quality Management Systems
Find details on document control, corrective and preventive action and more.

Quality Services
Learn more about how SAFC can address your technical and regulatory needs.

Manufacturing Facilities
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Facility Quality Certificates
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Enhanced Quality

SAFC’s enhanced quality guidelines can simplify the development of your risk assessment program and assist in the process of choosing new raw materials.

Enhanced Quality Program & Products
Better understand how our Enhanced Quality Program can support your effort in developing a comprehensive risk assessment program through pre-defined:

  • Recommended use
  • Quality support and documentation
  • Change notification parameters

Critical raw materials to reduce supply chain risk.