Centre of Analytical Sciences (CAS)

Food Analytics – Calorimetry, Reflectometry, Turbidimetry and Spectroscopy

Dates: 19-21 September 2016
Cost: $900/= per person for 3 days
Venue: Center of Analytical Sciences, 3 International Business Park, Nordic European Centre, #02-17, Singapore 609927

 Course Description

This 3-day course will have a higher proportion of hands-on session than theory for the participants. Participants will learn of unique platforms - bench based, portable and handheld measuring devices along with specialty chemistry kits. We will perform targeted analyses with food samples by semi-quantitative and quantitative modes. We will work with test strips, color cards, titration and also instruments.

The practical sessions covered will include:

  1. Different analytical techniques for different samples
  2. Benefits and advantages of each technique
  3. Sample preparation with a focus on cleanup techniques
  4. Quality assurance of technique employed
  5. General trouble shooting and maintenance of instruments

Participants will learn the basic principles listed above. They will gain practical knowledge on how to determine different analytes in various food samples.

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For more details, contact us at cas-sg@merckgroup.com.