Centre of Analytical Sciences (CAS)

GC Method Development and Validation

Dates: 14-16 November 2016
Cost: $1500/= per person for 3 days
Venue: Center of Analytical Sciences, 3 International Business Park, Nordic European Centre, #02-17, Singapore 609927

 Course Description

This 3-day sample preparation course will be a mix of theory and practical hands-on sessions. Participants will learn about different sample preparation techniques typical for samples in environmental, food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. They will also gain practical skills on various analytical sample preparation techniques specific for different detectors.

There will be 3 main practical components for this course:

  1. Sample preparation
    Type of sample vs. choice of techniques (SPE, SPME, QuEChERS, liquid-liquid)
  2. Sample derivatization - volatility and stability
    Derivatization reagents and typical procedure
  3. Sample introduction and separation
    Choice of liners, septa and columns

Participants will learn details including the benefits, tips and tricks. Participants will also learn basic optimization and common trouble shooting skills for these techniques.

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For more details, contact us at cas-sg@merckgroup.com.