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Millicup™-FLEX disposable vacuum filtration units place control in your hands, providing the benefits of traditional glassware with the time-saving flexibility of disposable solutions.

  • Compatible with organic and aqueous solvents
  • User-selected, 47 mm membrane filter
  • Ergonomic, clampless design
  • Reduced contamination risk
  • Filter directly into vacuum-rated storage bottles
  • Easy access to membrane after filtration
  • Fully recyclable components



Product Code



membrane size
Cup Volume
MCFLX4702 Millicup™-FLEX 47 mm
disposable filter cup,
10 funnels, 2 collars,
2 adapters
47mm 250mL
MCFLX4710 Millicup™-FLEX 47 mm
disposable filter cup,
Single Use
10 funnels, 10 collars,
10 adapters
47mm 250mL

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