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Analytical testing is used in the production of worldwide food supply. This testing primarily serves two purposes: to determine nutritional value and quality, and to guarantee safety. Sigma-Aldrich®, through its Supelco® brand, is very active in product development for food and beverage analysis.

Food Chemistry

Many food companies are currently and may soon to be under more pressure from the Food and Drug Administration to make their foods healthier. Since 2006, the FDA indicates requirements to include trans-fat content on nutritional labels. However, they are often, but not always, found in products.(source)

In the following application, our scientists developed a procedure to determine trans-fat levels in foods. This procedure involves extraction, derivatization, fractionation and GC analysis.


Comprehensive Determination of Trans Fats in Cookies

Using Silver-Ion SPE Fractionation, SP™-2560 and SLB®-IL111 GC Columns …more

1. Silverion (Ag-ion) fractionation is applied to the FAMEs to separate the saturates and C18 trans monoenes in fraction 1, the cis monoenes in fraction 2, and the dienes in fraction 3.

2. GC analysis of each fraction is then performed on an ionic liquid GC column. This extremely polar GC capillary column was the world’s first commercial column to rate over 100 on our GC column polarity scale. As such, it has the most orthogonal selectivity compared to commonly used non-polar and intermediate polar columns, providing increased selectivity for polar and polarizable analytes. The 100 m version is a great complementary column to the SP-2560. …more

Analytical Solutions: Gas Chromatography

Ionic Liquid Columns for Gas Chromatography

What exactly are Ionic Liquids? How do they perform and improve Gas Chromatography? Get your answers here!


Ionic Liquid Capillary Columns for the Analysis of FAME Isomers

Analyses of fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) are continuing to gain importance as more research is focusing on their biomedical impacts. Our two new phases are SLB®-IL60 with a PEG like selectivity and the SLB-IL111 with highly polar selectivity. We will compare and contrast the selectivity of the ionic liquid phases with polymeric based phases for various FAME samples. …read more on SLB®-IL60 and SLB-IL111


USP Methods and Sigma-Aldrich® GC Columns

U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) methods typically cover pharmaceutical products, which may be necessary in F&B testing. Here are the USP codes and our recommended Supelco capillary GC columns
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Food Chemistry Analytical Workflow for F&B & F&F Industry

Sigma Aldrich is actively expanding our product offerings to our Food & Beverage and Flavours & Fragrances customers!

Food Chemistry Product Portfolio

Please view our F&B Food Chemistry product portfolio and click on the respective product links for more information!


Carbohydrates &

Dietary Fiber

Enzymatic Kits

Dietary Fiber Kits

ApHera HPLC Columns


Ascentis Express  HPLC Columns (HILIC, OH5, F5)

Analytical Standards & CRMs

HPLC Analytical Reagents & Solvents

Fatty Acids,


Sterols &

Edible Oils

Derivatization Reagents

LLE Extraction Glassware

Discovery® Ag-Ion SPE Tubes

Nukol Capillary GC Columns

Omegawax® & Ionic Liquids (SLB-IL59, 60, 111) Capillary GC Columns

Equity-1 Capillary GC Columns

MET-Biodiesel Capillary GC Columns

SP-2560 & SP-2380 Capillary GC Columns

SAC-5 Capillary  GC Columns

Ascentis® Express HPLC Columns

Analytical Standards & CRMs

- Characterized Ref. Oils

GC Solvents

HPLC Analytical Reagents & Solvents

IR & NMR Spectroscopy


Extraction Glassware

Derivatization Reagents

Trypsin Digestion Reagent





Discovery C8 & C18 HPLC Columns

HPLC Columns for Biopolymers

Analytical Standards & CRMs

HPLC Analytical Reagents & Solvents

Equipment for Kjeldahl Method

Kjeldahl Catalysts & Oxidants for Digestion



Reference Flavours and Oil Standards

Flavors & Fragrances

We are also constantly increasing our selection of reference flavours and oils standards. Check them out here.


Solutions from Formulation to Testing

Flavors & Fragrances Guide Try Vitroids Mycotoxin Analysis Brochure
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