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The Customized Solution

Sigma-Aldrich®'s PIPELINE® procurement solution

An advanced ordering process customized to meet the business needs of your organization.

If the demands of your organization require a level of service beyond simple ordering through the Web, let PIPELINE deliver for you. Not only do you get the options and benefits available through our public Web site, you gain the added benefits of your own direct, private connection to our internal order processing and fulfillment system. Flexible ordering processes are customized to meet your organization’s requirements.
  When you create your order through PIPELINE, you see the exact purchase total. In addition, it provides a portal to information and special offers that have been tailored specifically for your organization.
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PIPELINE benefits include:
  • Elimination of paper transactions
  • No IT investment required
  • Support of an assortment of
    procurement approval levels
  • Requisition created at end-user
  • Real-time product availability with
    contract pricing
  • Customized invoicing and payment
  • Streamlined reconciliation process
  • Set up PIPELINE Hosted Procurement Solution

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    PIPELINE is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC.