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South Africa Seminars and Literature

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SPME Theory and Basics of a Modern Sample Preparation Technique (605 Kb PDF)
SPME Quantification and Troubleshooting (1.78 Mb PDF)
SPME Recent Developments (879 Kb PDF)
Basics of SPE Technology and Mechanisms (1.43 Mb PDF)
SPE Method Development (701 Kb PDF)
Special Application SPE Tubes (2.16 Mb PDF)
SupelMIP™ – Highly Selective SPE for Trace Analysis from Complex Matrices (727 Kb PDF)
Ascentis® Express (2.28 Mb PDF)

To view past literature, click on the titles below.

ATIS™ Operation Manual (570 Kb PDF)
Carbon Adsorbent Kits (1.0 Mb PDF)
radiello® Air Sampler – Diffusive Sampling System Brochure (959 Kb PDF)
Thermodesorption Guide – Sorbents (1.83 Mb PDF)
Equity® Capillary GC Columns (1.99 Mb PDF)
Gas Chromatography Consumable Brochure (1.24 Mb PDF)
Molded Thermogreen™ LB-2 Septa (352 Kb PDF)
Low Bleed SLB™-5ms (2.24 Mb PDF)
Ascentis® HPLC Columns (1.11 Mb PDF)
Ascentis® Express Brochure (1.04 Mb PDF)
CHIRALDEX™ Handbook (344 Kb PDF)
CHIROBIOTIC™ Handbook (730 Kb PDF)
CYCLOBOND™ Handbook (430 Kb PDF)
Dioxin & PCB Analysis Brochure (2.08 Mb PDF)
Discovery® Ag-Ion SPE for FAME Fractionation and Cis/Trans Separation (654 Kb PDF)
Discovery DSC-MCAX (Mixed-Mode Cation Exchange) SPE Products (664 Kb PDF)
PSA Tubes for Pesticide Analysis (293 Kb PDF)
Quechers Method Overview and Ordering Information (220 Kb PDF)
SPE Method Development (701 Kb PDF)
SupelMIP™ Brochure (989 Kb PDF)
Syringes Brochure (1.13 Mb PDF)
Vials Brochure (1.29 Mb PDF)

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