SDS, CofA & CofO


To access our SDS sheets, simply go to the "Search Center" and enter the product number (without dashes or commas) under SDS Direct. Alternatively, you can also access the SDS from the individual product details page.

Sigma-Aldrich currently provides many SDS's online. However, we also offer the option of purchasing the SDS's on CD-ROM for fast, convenient access.

The Sigma-Aldrich Safety Data Sheet (SDS) system contains over 77,000 complete, printable Safety Data Sheets in a convenient CD-ROM format. Select the following product for additional information.

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  CofA & CofO

Tips to enter the lot number when requesting a C of A or C of O


  • More important for C of O: enter a "0" if only two numbers are in front of the letter e.g. 62K1064 - you will only find the C of O if you enter 062K1064.


  • If you find such a lot number on your label TO09019TO then just enter 09019TO without the first two letters.
  • If you find a lot number with a filling code behind like 05427ES-021 - just enter the lot number 05427ES without the filling code -021.


  • Please enter the lot-number without filling code (the part after the dash) If 430588/1-21402 is given on your label then enter only the lot number 430588/1.
  • Enter always the lot number before the dash 6-digit e.g. 049351/1 instead of 49351/1.

C of A not Found
In some cases, a C of A may not be available on-line. If this is the case, you can get additional information from our on-line C of A Request form. In many cases a C of A can be faxed to you upon submission of this form.

C of O not Found
Not all products will have a C of O. If you feel a C of O should be available, please contact Technical Services to request the C of O.