GC Analysis of Bacterial Acid Methyl Esters (BAMEs) on SPB®-1

GC Analysis of Bacterial Acid Methyl Esters (BAMEs) on SPB®-1


column SPB-1, 30 m x 0.25 mm I.D., 0.25 µm film (24028)
oven 150 C (4 min) to 250 C (5 min) at 4 C
carrier gas helium, 20 cm/sec (150 C)
inj. temp. 1 µL
detector FID


Categories Analytical Chromatography, GC Applications, Bacterial Acid Methyl Esters (BAMEs)
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suitability application for GC


  • Methyl 12-methyltetradecanoate
  • Methyl 13-methyltetradecanoate
  • Methyl 14-methylpentadecanoate
  • Methyl 15-methylhexadecanoate
  • Methyl 2-hydroxydodecanoate
  • Methyl 2-hydroxydodecanoate
  • Methyl 2-hydroxyhexadecanoate
  • Methyl 2-hydroxytetradecanoate
  • Methyl 3-hydroxydodecanoate
  • Methyl 3-hydroxytetradecanoate
  • Methyl cis-9-hexadecenoate
  • Methyl dodecanoate
  • Methyl heptadecanoate
  • Methyl hexadecenoate
  • Methyl nonadecanoate
  • Methyl pentadecanoate
  • Methyl tetradecanoate
  • Methyl tridecanoate
  • Methyl undecanoate
  • Methyl cis-9,10-methylenehexadecanoate
  • Methyl cis-9,10-methyleneoctadecanoate
  • Methyl cis-9,12-octadecadienoate
  • Methyl cis-9-octadecenoate
  • Methyl eicosanoate
  • Methyl octadecenoate
  • Methyl trans-9-octadecenoate


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