GC Analysis of Semivolatiles on SLB®-5ms after SPME using 60 μm Carbowax® Fiber

GC Analysis of Semivolatiles on SLB®-5ms after SPME using 60 μm Carbowax® Fiber


sample/matrix Base neutral analytes at 50 ppb and internal standards 25 ppb in 0.1M phosphate buffer, pH 11, with 25% NaCl, 9 mL in 10 mL screw cap vial
desorption process 2 min at 250C, splitless for 0.75 min then opened
extraction 30 min. direct immersion with agitation using CombiPal autosampler
SPME fiber 60 µm Carbowax (PEG) (57354-U)
column SLB-5ms, 30 m x 0.25 mm I.D., 0.5µm film
oven 50C(2 min) to 130C @ 12C/min to 200C @ 20C/min to 260C @ 15C/min to 310C @ 20C/min (4 min)
carrier gas Helium, 1mL/min constant flow, 8.7 psi
inj. temp. Splitless/split with 0.75mm ID liner and Merlin Microseal
detector ITMS m/z=50-230 @ 0.65 musec per scan, transfer line 310C


Categories Analytical Chromatography, SPME Applications, GC Applications, Semivolatiles, Environmental
Featured Industry Environmental
Food and Beverages
Legal Information Carbowax is a registered trademark of Union Carbide, SLB is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC
Other Notes Complementary products:
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Inlet Liners, Glass Wool, and Specialized Hand Tools
Septa and Specialized Hand Tools
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suitability application for SPME, application for GC


  • 2-Methylnaphthalene
  • 2-Naphthylamine
  • 2-Nitroaniline
  • 3-Nitroaniline
  • 4-Chloroaniline
  • 4-Nitroaniline
  • Acenaphthalene-d10
  • Aniline
  • Benzo[a]anthracene
  • Benzyl alcohol
  • Dibenzofuran
  • n-Dibutyl nitrosoamine
  • o-Toluidine
  • Pyrene-d10
  • Undecane


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