GC Analysis of Water in Ethanol (0.25%Standard) on Watercol™ 1910

GC Analysis of Water in Ethanol (0.25%Standard) on Watercol™ 1910


column Watercol 1910, 30 m x 0.25 mm I.D., 0.20 µm (29711-U)
oven 45 °C (4 min), 5 °C/min to 75 °C, 10 °C/min to 190 °C
carrier gas helium, 20 cm/sec (measured in each column at an oven temperature of 135 °C)
sample water at 0.25% (v/v) in ethanol
injection 1 µL, 50:1 split
liner 4 mm I.D., split/splitless type, wool packed single taper FocusLiner™ design
inj. temp. 250 °C
detector FID, 250 °C; TCD, 200 °C


Analysis Note The "Watercol" series of ionic liquid capillary GC columns are characterized by their ability to produce a sharp peak shape for water, sharp enough so that water can be integrated and quantified. This application shows a calibration standard (0.25% water in ethanol) on Watercol 1910.
Featured Industry Chemicals and Industrial Polymers
Cosmetics, Personal Care, and Cleaning Products
Flavors and Fragrances
Food and Beverages
Pharmaceutical (small molecule)
Legal Information Watercol is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC
Other Notes Two identical columns were installed in separate inlets, each going to a separate detector.
suitability application for GC


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