Selecting a GC Column for Specific Industries/Applications

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We know that only the most accurate analytical products will do.

That’s why we offer the Supelco portfolio of analytical GC columns, providing you the accuracy, precision and consistency you need.

Gas chromatography, first established in the 1950′s, is a mature analytical technique with many established applications. Therefore, it is probable that documented methods or journal articles exist stating which stationary phases have successfully been used for a given application. Today, GC is the preferred chromatographic technique in the environmental, petroleum, chemical, flavor & fragrance, and forensic industries. In the biofuel, agriculture, food & beverage, cosmetic and personal care/cleaning product, and clinical industries, its frequency of use is equal to other chromatographic techniques. It is used for specific chromatographic applications in the industrial hygiene, pharmaceutical, and life science industries.

We have identified the GC columns that are routinely used in the various industries. These are conveniently arranged by industry, and then application within that industry, to simplify the process of selecting the proper phase.

Environmental Industry

The environmental columns offered here can be used with many specific methods for the analyses of volatiles, semivolatiles, pesticides, PCBs, herbicides, PAHs, and dioxins.

* Includes: organochlorine pesticides, PCBs as Aroclors, herbicides, organophosporus pesticides, nitrosamines, phenols, phthalate esters, haloacetic acids, disinfection by-products and solvents, and PAHs.

Industrial Hygiene

These columns can be used with methodologies designed to monitor workplace air quality.

Petroleum Industry

This family of columns can be used for methods to measure purity, determine composition, and identify impurities in petroleum products.


These columns can be used to measure purity and to monitor for impurities in biofuels.

Chemical Industry

These special purpose columns can be selected for analyses such as solvents, aromatics, light hydrocarbons, fluorocarbons, sulfur-containing compounds, glycols, basic compounds, and much more.

Agricultural Industry

These columns are suitable for purity and contaminant detection applications performed by grain growers, edible oil producers, and agrochemical manufacturers.

Food and Beverage Industry

These columns are suitable for food composition/nutrition applications, as well as for food safety applications.

Flavor and Fragrance Industry

Volatiles, essential oils, and small chiral molecules of interest to this industry can be analyzed using the following columns.

Cosmetics/Cleaning Products

Commercial products, such as shampoos, cosmetics, and rug cleaners, are tested to confirm correct composition, and to ensure that they do not contain items hazardous to the user. These columns can be used for this purpose.

Pharma Industry (biopharma and small molecule pharmaceuticals)

Use these columns for analyses of residual solvents, basic drugs, small chiral molecules of interest to this industry, and for methods following specific monographs.

Clinical Industry

Use these columns for the analyses of analytes from biological fluids.

Forensics Industry

Use these columns for the analyses of accelerants from arson samples, or for blood alcohols and drugs of abuse from biological fluids.

Life Science Industry

Proteins, peptides, and amino acids are of importance to the life science industry.