HPLC Analysis of Alfuzosin and Related Substances on Chromolith(R) HighResolution RP-18 endcapped

HPLC Analysis of Alfuzosin and Related Substances on Chromolith® HighResolution RP-18 endcapped


sample preparation Dissolve 40.0 mg of the sample in 100 mL of mobile phase. 0.4 mg/mL (400 ppm) of USP Alfuzosin System Suitability Mixture RS in Mobile phase
column Chromolith® HighResolution RP-18 endcapped, 150 x 4.6 mm (1.52023.0001)
column temp. 25 °C
mobile phase [A] 5 ml of perchloric acid in 900 mL Milli-Q water. Adjust pH to 3.5 with 2M NaOH. Diluter to 1000 mL with water; [B] acetonitrile; [C] THF; (80:20:1, A:B:C)
flow rate 1 mL/min
pressure 994 psi (69 Bar)
sample 0.40 μg/mL of Alfuzosin Hydrochloride in Mobile phase from the Sample solution
injection 10 μL
detector 254 nm cell: 10 μL


Featured Industry Pharmaceutical (small molecule)
Legal Information Chromolith is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
suitability application for HPLC


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