HPLC Analysis of Carvedilol in Tablet on Chromolith(R) High Resolution RP-18e

HPLC Analysis of Carvedilol in Tablet on Chromolith® High Resolution RP-18e


sample preparation Weigh 12.5 mg of carvedilol standard in 100 mL volumetric flask. Add about 50 mL diluent and sonicate until it dissolves. Dilute further with diluent to the mark to prepare 125 ppm solution.
column Chromolith® High Resolution RP-18 endcapped, 100 x 4.6 mm (1.52022.0001)
column temp. 40 °C
mobile phase [A] acetonitrile; [B] 20nM potassium phosphate, PH2.0 (adjusted with diluted phosphoric acid); (65:35, A:B)
flow rate 0.7 mL/min
sample 0.125 mg/mL in mobile phase
injection 5 μL
detector 240 nm


Featured Industry Pharmaceutical (small molecule)
Legal Information Chromolith is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
suitability application for HPLC


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