HPLC Analysis of Flakka (alpha-PVP) and alpha-Pyrrolidinobutiophenone on Ascentis(R) Express HILIC 5 mum

HPLC Analysis of Flakka (alpha-PVP) and alpha-Pyrrolidinobutiophenone on Ascentis® Express HILIC 5 mum


column Ascentis Express HILIC, 5 cm x 3.0 mm I.D., 5 μm particles (50262-U)
column temp. 35 °C
mobile phase 5 mM ammonium formate in 95:5, acetonitrile:water
flow rate 0.8 mL/min
pressure 453 psi (31.2 bar)
sample 50 μg/mL in acetonitrile
injection 2 μL
detector UV, 250 nm


Analysis Note The rapid separation of the street drug Flakka (α-PVP) and related compound is shown here on an Ascentis Express HILIC column. Highest grade UHPLC solvents were used to supply low background interference and low particulate contamination for robust, trouble-free operation. Cerilliant CRMs provided reliable identification and quantification.
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