LC/MS Analysis of Glyphosate in Wheat Flour on ApHera™ NH2

LC/MS Analysis of Glyphosate in Wheat Flour on ApHera™ NH2


column apHera NH2, 15 cm x 4.6 mm I.D., 5 µm particles (56401AST)
column temp. 35 °C
mobile phase [A] water; [B] 20 mM ammonium carbonate, pH 9; [C] methanol:water (50:50)
gradient 100% A for 2 min, to 90% B, 10% C in 0.1 min, held until 10 min, to 100% A in 0.1 min, held for 5 min
flow rate 0.5 mL/min
pressure 3191 psi (220 bar)
injection 60 µL
detector MS/MS, ESI negative, 168/63, 168/79


Analysis Note Direct analysis of glyphosate with LC/MS detection using the presented method is possible for wheat-based products. Ultrafiltration was used for sample cleanup. Polymer-based apHera NH2 HPLC column provided stable and robust separation at basic pH.
Categories Analytical Chromatography, Pesticides & Herbicides
Featured Industry Food and Beverages
Legal Information apHera is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC
Other Notes Sample prep other: 5 g of ground sample was mixed with 10 mL water and let sit for at elast 30 minutes. Then 10 mL of 1% formic acid in methanol was added, sample mixed for 15 minutes on a shaker and centrifuged. The extract was cleaned using ultrafiltration through polyethersulfone membrane with MWCO of 10 kDa or smaller. The sample was analyzed from the low adsorption vials.
suitability application for LC-MS


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