UHPLC Analysis of Rabbit Secretory IgA on BIOshell(TM) IgG 1000 Ã… C4

UHPLC Analysis of Rabbit Secretory IgA on BIOshell™ IgG 1000 Ã… C4


column BIOshell IgG 1000 Ã… C4; 10 cm x 2.1 mm I.D., 2.7 μm particles (63288-U)
column temp. 75 °C
mobile phase [A] 0.1% TFA (water); [B] 0.1% TFA (acetonitrile)
gradient 30% B to 60% B in 10 min; 60% B to 100% B in 10 min
flow rate 0.2 mL/min
pressure 1425 psi (98 bar)
sample Rabbit Secretory IgA, 100 μg/mL, 0.1% TFA (water)
injection 1.0 μL
detector UV, 215 nm


Analysis Note Secretory immunoglobulin A (IgA) exists as a complex of 2-4 IgA monomers linked through a 15 kDa polypeptide J chain. Rabbit secretory IgA is a 385 kDa antibody composed of two IgA monomers and the J chain. Secretory IgA is resistant to degradative enzymes; therefore, it plays a key role in providing protection against microbes that multiply in bodily secretions. Rabbit secretory IgA was chromatographically analyzed on a BIOshell IgG column and compared to a fully porous, 1.7 μm, 300 Ã… competitor C4 column. Partial resolution of different species within the main peak was attained on the BIOshell IgG column. In addition, resolution between the main analyte peak and an impurity peak eluting later was improved on the BIOshell IgG column over the fully porous competitor column.
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