UHPLC/MS Analysis of Barbiturates on Titan™ C18

UHPLC/MS Analysis of Barbiturates on Titan™ C18


column Titan C18, 10 cm x 2.1 mm I.D., 1.9 µm particles (577124-U)
column temp. 35 °C
mobile phase [A] 0.1% ammonium acetate (not adjusted); [B] acetonitrile; (70:30, A:B)
flow rate 0.4 mL/min
pressure 6796 psi (468 bar)
sample 1000 ng/ml in mobile phase
injection 1 µL
detector ESI (-) MS TIC MRM


Analysis Note Barbiturates are commonly abused and among the most widely tested compounds in clinical, forensic, or therapeutic drug monitoring applications. Shown here is the rapid, efficient separation of a set of barbiturates on a Titan C18, 1.9 μm UHPLC column. Highest grade UHPLC-grade solvents were used to supply low background interference and low particulate contamination for robust, trouble-free operation. Cerilliant and Sigma-Aldrich reference standards provided reliable identification and quantification.
Categories Analytical Chromatography, Forensics and Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Clinical, Anticonvulsant/antiepiletic/antiseizure, Drugs of Abuse, Antipsychotics, antiepileptic/antiseizure, antipsychotics, drugs of abuse
Featured Industry Clinical
Forensics and Toxicology
Pharmaceutical (small molecule)
Legal Information Titan is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC
suitability application for UHPLC


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