Analytical Method: Analytical Quality Assurance, Standard for Cyanuric acid

Cat.No. 820358  Cyanuric acid for sythesis
Cat.No. 116754  Water for analysis
Preparation of a standard solution:
Dissolve 1.00 g of cyanuric acid with distilled water in a calibrated or conformity-checked 1000-ml volumetric flask and make up to the mark with distilled water. The substance is slightly soluble and the dissolution process may take several hours.
The stock solution prepared according to this procedure has a concentration of 1000 mg/l cyanuric acid.
Further investigational concentrations may be prepared from this stock solution by diluting accordingly.
When stored in a cool place (refrigerator), the stock solution and the further diluted investigational solutions remain stable for one day.


For use with test kits:


Measuring range
in mg/l


Spectroquant® Cyanuric Acid Test

2 - 160 CYA





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