Analytical Method: Analytical Quality Assurance, Standard for Oxygen

Preparation of a standard solution (investigational concentration):
Prepare the standard solution by bubbling air through tap water in a wash bottle for approx. 1 hour.
Then measure the water temperature and immediately measure the oxygen concentration.
The standard solution is not stable and must be used immediately.
Read off the theoretical oxygen concentration (specified value) of the prepared standard solution from the table "Oxygen saturation concentration of water" acc. to Oehme and Schuler, 1983 (see page 2).
The oxygen concentration measured using a test kit should not deviate from the value read off from the oxygen saturation table by more than + 0.1 %.



For use with test kits:


Measuring range
in mg/l O2


MColortestTM Oxygen Test

1 -12


MColortestTM Oxygen Test

0.1 - 10 with one full pipette (graduation 0.1)


Spectroquant® Oxygen Cell Test

0.5 - 12.0


Table for calculating oxygen saturation







































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