Analytical Method: Formaldehyde in textiles


Cat.No. 101116  Ammonium acetate for analysis
Cat.No. 100063  Acetic acid 100 % for analysis
Cat.No. 109600  Acetylacetone for analysis
Cat.No. 116754  Water for analysis
Folded filter
Reagent 1:
Dissolve 15 g ammonium acetate, 0.30 ml acetic acid und 0.20 ml acetylacetone in 100 ml of water for analysis.
Measuring range:
0.25 - 2.50 mg/l HCHO at cell length 20 mm and 405 nm
Sample preparation:
Cut the sample of textile into of 3x3 mm pieces (equal number of printed and unprinted sample) using scissors. Place 5 g together with exactly 100 ml water for analysis in a 200-ml Erlenmeyer flask with ground glass stoppers. Heat for 1 hour at 40 °C in a water bath, occasionally shaking. Allow to cool to 20 - 25 °C and filter off solid particles with a folded filter.
Mix 50 ml of the extraction solution with 40 ml reagent 1 in a 100-ml Erlenmeyer flask. Close off the flask and heat for 10 minutes at 60 °C in a water bath. Allow to cool to 20 - 25 °C and make up to the mark with water for analysis. Mix and measure at 405 nm against water.
Formaldehyde content in mg/l HCHO = analysis value in mg/l HCHO x 40
Harmful Substance-Containing Household Materials, Control Law No. 14323, 26.9.1974 (Japan).
W. Huber, Fresenius Z. Anal. Chem. 309: 389-390 ( 1981)
Ökotex 100 Standard. Forschungsinstitut Hohenstein, D-74357 Bönnigheim

Parameter list for programming the photometer SQ 118

01 Method HCHO
02 Cat.No. -------
03 Measuring range 0.25-2.50
04 Units mg/l
05 Reaction time 10 0 min
06 Cell 20 mm
07 Wavelength 405 nm
08 Calibration Factor
09 Evaluation Linear
10 Factor 1.94

Calculation when measuring the absorbance value using the photometer SQ118 without programming the method in the memory of the instrument:

Measured absorbance
of samples in A
Result in mg/l
[A sample * 1.94]
1.000 1.94



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