Analytical Method: Gold in electroplating baths

Instruments and Reagents:

Cat.No. 173016  Spectroquant® VIS Spectrophotometer Prove 100 or

Cat.No. 173017  Spectroquant® UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Prove 300 or

Cat.No. 173018  Spectroquant® UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Prove 600 or

Cat.No. 109748  Spectroquant® Photometer NOVA 30 or

Cat.No. 109751  Spectroquant® Photometer NOVA 60

Cat.No. 114946  Rectangular cells 10 mm and/or

Cat.No. 114947  Rectangular cells 20 mm and/or

Cat.No. 114944  Rectangular cells 50 mm
Cat.No. 114821  Spectroquant® Gold Test
Cat.No. 100317  Hydrochloric acid 37 % for analysis
Cat.No. 104944  Potassium chlorate for analysis
Cat.No. 116754  Water for analysis
With bath liquids which contain a high concentration of organic compounds, one finds, in certain circumstances, that a hydrochloric/chloric acid decomposition may be more effective than Perhydrol/nitric acid treatment.
Sample preparation:
Mix 1 ml of bath solution with 10 ml hydrochloric acid 37 % and 3 g potassium chlorate and evaporate cautiously (fume cupboard!) to a wettish residue on the heating plate.
Treat the residue with 1 ml hydrochloric acid 37 % and dissolve in 10 ml water for analysis  in a 1000-ml volumetric flask and fill up to the mark with water for analysis and mix well.
Determine with the above mentioned test kit.
Gold content in g/l Au = analysis value in mg/l Au


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