Analytical Method: Nitrite in rice

Instruments and Reagents:

Cat.No. 173016  Spectroquant® VIS Spectrophotometer Prove 100 or

Cat.No. 173017  Spectroquant® UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Prove 300 or

Cat.No. 173018  Spectroquant® UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Prove 600 or

Cat.No. 109748  Spectroquant® Photometer NOVA 30 or
Cat.No. 109751  Spectroquant® Photometer NOVA 60 or
Cat.No. 173632  Spectroquant® Colorimeter Move 100
Cat.No. 114946  Rectangular cells 10 mm and/or
Cat.No. 114947  Rectangular cells 20 mm and/or
Cat.No. 114944  Rectangular cells 50 mm
Cat.No. 114547  Spectroquant® Nitrite Cell Test
Cat.No. 114776  Spectroquant® Nitrite Test
Cat.No. 104874  Potassium hydrogenphthalate for analysis
Cat.No. 119899  Nitrite standard solution ready for use, 1000 mg/l Nitrite
Cat.No. 116754  Water for analysis
Membrane filter with 0.45 μm pore diameter
Potassium hydrogenphthalate solution 2 %:
Dissolve 2 g potassium hydrogenphthalate in 100 ml water for analysis.
Sample preparation:
Ground the sample to a fine powder. In a closed Erlenmeyer flask stir 5 g of the grounded product with 95 ml water for analysis and 5 ml potassium hydrogenphthalate solution 2 % for 30 minutes. Then separate the suspension in the centrifuge at 4000 turns per minute for 15 minutes. Filter the supernatant solution through folded filter. If the resulting solution is not clear, additionally filter it through a membrane filter.
Determine with the above mentioned test kits.
Nitrite content in mg/kg NO2 = analysis value in mg/l NO2 x 20


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