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LiChrospher® HPTLC Plates Optimized for High-Throughput Separations

Our unique LiChrospher® HPTLC plates are the first thin layer chromatography plates based on spherical silica particles. Compared to standard HPTLC plates, they offer maximum performance and speed, thus enabling high-throughput analyses of complex samples.

Improved detection limits

LiChrospher® HPTLC plates are based on spherical silica 60 with a particle size of 7 µm, and a narrow particle-size distribution similar to that used in HPLC. While LiChrospher® plates possess a broad selectivity very similar to that of the corresponding HPTLC plates, the plate height, separation numbers and velocity constants have been further improved. This results in shorter analysis times and improved detection limits.

LiChrospher® HPTLC Unmodified Silica Gel 60

Product No. Description Layer Sorbent /
Coating Material
Layer Thickness/ µm Format/ cm Support/ Backing Pack Size/ Content
1.15445.0001 LiChrospher® HPTLC silica
gel 60 F524s
LiChrospher® silica gel 60 F524s*1 200 20 x 10 glass 25 plates
1.05586.0001 LiChrospher® HPTLC silica
gel 60 F524s
LiChrospher® silica gel 60 F524s*1 200 20 x 20 aluminum 25 sheets
1.05647.0001 LiChrospher® HPTLC silica gel 60 WR F524s AMD extra thin LiChrospher® silica gel 60 WR F524s *1AMD 100 20 x 10 glass 25 plates

*1 F254s Fluorescent indicator, acid stable
WR: water-resistant

LiChrospher® HPTLC RP-Modified Silica Gel 60

Product No. Description Layer Sorbent
/Coating Material
Layer Thickness/ µm Format /cm Support/ Backing Pack Size / Content
1.05646.0001 LiChrospher® HPTLC Silica gel 60 RP-18 WF₂₅₄s LiChrospher® Silica gel 60 RP-18 WF₂₅₄s*1 200 20 x 10 glass 25 plates

W: wettable with water


Features and benefits

  • 20% reduced running times in comparison to HPTLC
  • Highly compact spots or zones for higher detection sensitivity
  • Low detection limits

LiChrospher® Si 60 F254s HPTLC Plates Versus Conventional Si 60 F254 HPTLC Plates (detection limits, UV 254 nm, ng/spot)

Compound Visually Spectrophotometrically
  HPTLC silica
gel 60 F254
LiChrospher® Si
60 F254s
HPTLC silica
gel 60 F254
LiChrospher® Si
60 F254s
Ascorbic acid 100 100 100 25
Cortisone 50 25 25 10
Atrazine 50 25 10 5
Prometryne 25 10 10 5
Theophylline 50 25 25 10
o-Aminophenol 50 25 25 5
m-Aminophenol 10 5 10 5
p-Aminophenol 100 50 50 25
Scanning electron images of the cross-sections of:
Classical silica TLC plate High-performance silica HPTLC plate LiChrospher® silica HPTLC plate
A) Classical silica TLC plate B) High-performance silica HPTLC plate C) LiChrospher® silica HPTLC plate

Application Areas

  • LiChrospher® HPTLC plates are especially suitable for separations of highly complex, low concentration samples, such as:
  • Trace analysis of pesticide mixtures
  • Assay of pharmaceutical compounds