Premium Purity HPTLC Plates

Premium purity HPTLC plates are optimized for high-performance, completely contamination-free separations, such as demanding pharmacopoeia applications. These highly pure plates exhibit minimal background, even with medium-polar solvent systems.

Based on our proven 60 F254 HPTLC plate, premium purity plates are carefully wrapped in plastic-coated aluminum foil. This prevents deposition of plasticizers (such as phthalates), which could appear as unknown extra zones when using medium-polar solvent systems, such as toluene/ethyl acetate (95/5). Furthermore, it avoids staining by derivatization reagents, such as anis aldehyde. The separation performance of each premium purity plate is identical to the corresponding HPTLC plate.

Features and benefits

  • Optimized for high performance pharmacopeia applications
  • Completely contamination-free separations
  • Special wrapping prevents deposition of plasticizers
  • Minimal background even with medium-polar solvent systems

Premium Purity HPTLC Plates

Product No. Description Layer Sorbent/Coating Material Layer Thickness /µm Format/cm Support/Backing Pack size/Content
1.05648.0001 HPTLC silica gel 60 F254 premium purity HPTLC silica gel 60 F254 *1premium purity 200 20 x 10 glass 25 plates

*1 F254 Fluorescent indicator