TLC Analysis of Plant Pigments on Silica gel 60 RP-18

Separation of Lipophilic Dye mixture on Silica gel 60

Chromatographic Conditions

Plate TLC Silica gel 60 F254 with concentrating zone, 20x20cm
Article number 1. 11798.0001
Mobile Phase (v/v) toluene
Migration distance 10cm
Application volume 2 µL
Chamber normal chamber without chamber saturation
Detection Detection white light

Chromatographic Data

No. Compounds       Concentration (mg/ml) Solvent
1 to 7 p-Methoxyazobenzol (52) 3.0 toluene
  Sudan II (79) 3.0 toluene
  Sudanviolett (89) 3.0 toluene
  Ceresviolett BRN (55) 1.0 toluene