TLC Analysis of Substituted Benzoic Acids by Ion-Pair Chromatography on HPTLC Silica Gel 60 RP-8 F254s (analyte set 2)


plate: TLC pre-coated plate RP-8 F 254s (1.15388.0001, 1.15424.0001)
eluent: [A] acetone; [B] water; (40:60, A:B) (a. Without IPR b. With addition of 0,01 M ammonium
bromide c. With addition of 0,01 M tetrapropylammonium bromide)
migration distance: 7 cm
chamber: normal chamber without chamber saturation
detector: in situ evaluation with TLC/HPTLC scanner (Camag) UV 254 nm


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