Ascentis® Express F5 (pentafluorophenyl) U/HPLC Columns

Enhanced selectivity for stereoisomers and closely related compounds

Our Ascentis® Express F5 column brings together the highly efficient, robust Fused-Core® particle technology with F5 chemistry for the successful separation of polar and non-polar organic compounds.

The pentafluorophenylpropyl (PFP) stationary phase of the Ascentis® Express F5 column, based on Fused-Core® particle technology, provides a stable, reversed-phase packing with electron-deficient phenyl rings due to the presence of electronegative fluorines. In addition to forming p-p and mildly steric interactions, F5 phases also retain compounds by polar interactions. As a result of having both polar and non-polar character, F5 phases can show dual-mode retention behavior, sometimes producing a “U-shaped” retention as a function of acetonitrile content of the mobile phase, with retention increasing at both low and high concentrations of ACN (reversed-phase and HILIC retention modes). Ascentis® Express F5 columns can be used for basic, acidic, or neutral compounds with alternate selectivity from C18 phases.


Ascentis® Express F5 Specifications:
Silica: Type B (High purity silica)
Particle Platform: Superficially porous particles (SPP)
Phase Chemistry: Pentafluorophenylpropyl
Particle Size: 2.0 µm / 2.7 µm / 5.0 µm
Pore Size: 90 Å
Carbon Load: 5.3% / 5.5% / 3.9%
Surface Area: 120 m²/g / 135 m²/g /
90 m²/g
pH Range: 2 - 9
Max Temperature at Low pH: 60 °C
Max Temperature at High pH: 40 °C
Endcapped: Yes


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Hydrocortisone and Prednisolone

Comparison of C18 and F5

Comparision of C18 and F5 for the Separation of Closely Related Steroids

Columns Ascentis® Express F5 (53590-U) and Ascentis Express C18 (53827-U), 10 cm x 4.6 mm, I.D, 2.7 μm particle size
Mobile phase A: Water
Mobile phase B: methanol
Mobile phase ratio: A:B 50:50, v/v
Flow rate: 0.8 mL/min
Temp. 35 ºC
Pressure: ~2400 psi
Det.: UV at 240 nm
Injection: 5 μL
Sample: 10 μg/mL each in 90:10 water:methanol


Ascentis® Express F5 is a high-speed, high-performance liquid chromatography column based on a superficially porous Fused-Core® particle design.  The Fused-Core® particle provides a thin porous shell of high-purity silica surrounding a solid silica core.  This particle design exhibits very high column efficiency due to the shallow diffusion paths. 3 different particle sizes are available for your specific needs:

Fused-Core® particle size 2 µm

2.0 µm particles

Best Fused-Core UHPLC Column

An optimized solution for high-throughput small molecule analysis


Fused-Core® particle size 2.7 µm

2.7 µm particles

Fast HPLC on ANY System

A practical solution that delivers UHPLC performance from any HPLC


Fused-Core® particle size 5 µm

5.0 µm particles

The Lab Work-Horse Column

True plug and play solution for improving existing 3 or 5 µm fully porous particle HPLC columns

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