ASTM® D2276-06 – Product & Materials Guide

Standard Aviation Fuel Monitoring Method for Particle Analysis

ASTM® D2276-06 is used to measure the quantity of particulate matter present in aviation turbine fuel samples by gravimetric analysis. Minimizing aviation fuel contaminants can prevent filter plugging and other operational problems. Although tolerable levels of particulate contamination have not yet been established for all points in fuel distribution systems, most users focus on a total fuel system contaminant measurement. Fuel samples can be obtained by either line sampling or by sampling with a field monitor. Colorimetric analysis can also be utilized for fuel system monitoring in the field, but no quantitative relationship exists between gravimetric and color rating test results. Our product portfolio contains all the Millipore® filtration products you need for particle monitoring, regardless of your method or application.

Analytical Method: Gravimetric and Colorimetric

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Materials needed for ASTM® D2276-06:

Lab Method

Field Method

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