ASTM® D2914-15 – Product & Materials Guide

Standard Test Method for Atmospheric Sulfur Dioxide Content (West-Gaeke Method)

ASTM® D2914-15 provides methods for sample collection and the colorimetric determination of sulfur dioxide (SO2) in the atmosphere, either ambient or workplace. Sulfur dioxide is a toxic gas produced as a by-product of burning of fossil fuels contaminated with sulfur compounds. OSHA has determined both primary and secondary limits for SO2 in the air to protect the health of workers and the general public. ASTM® D2914-15 is applicable to determining SO2 concentrations from 0.01 ppm to 0.4 ppm and bubbler sample collection methods are provided for sampling between 30 minutes to 24 hours. Our product portfolio contains all the Millipore® filtration products you need for particle monitoring, regardless of your method or application.

Analytical Method: Colorimetric

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Materials needed for ASTM® D2914-15

  • 47 mm in-line filter holder
  • 0.8μm or 0.22 µm 47 mm filter
  • Forceps to handle filter membranes

Products for ASTM® D2914-15

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