Standard Test Method for Separation and Collection of Particulate and Water-Soluble Gaseous Fluorides in the Atmosphere (Filter and Impinger Method)

This test method provides a procedure for separation and collection on a chemically treated filter and in an impinger of particulate and water-soluble gaseous fluoride in the atmosphere. The sampling rate may vary from 30 L/min (1.0 ft3/min) to 15 L/min (0.5 ft3/min) for longer sampling periods depending on the atmospheric fluoride concentration. This test method is not intended to be applied to gaseous fluorine compounds that are not water-soluble

Analysis Type (Application Method): Particulate filter method

Link to ASTM® D3267:12 Method

Compatible Filters:

47 mm in-line filter holder and vacuum/pressure pump. Forceps to handle filter membrane.


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