Standard Test Method for Sulfate Ion in Brackish Water, Seawater, and Brines

This test method covers the turbidimetric determination of sulfate ion in brackish water, seawater, and brines. It has been used successfully with synthetic brine grade waters; however, it is the user′s responsibility to ensure the validity of this test method to other matrices. This test method is applicable to waters having an ionic strength greater than 0.65 mol/L and a sulfate ion concentration greater than 25 mg/L. A concentration less than 25 mg/L sulfate can be determined by using a standard addition method.

Analysis Type (Application Method): Turbidimetric

Link to ASTM® D4130-15 Method

Compatible Filters:

Customer choice of 0.45 μm filter/holder. Suggested 0.45 μm pore size, 25 mm diameter, Millex®-LH hydrophilic PTFE membrane.


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