ASTM® D4189-14– Product & Materials Guide

Standard Method for Silt Density Index (SDI)

ASTM® D4189-14 describes the method for determining the silt density index (SDI) of water. Silt density index (SDI) serves as a qualitative indication of particulate levels in water. Due to variations in the size, shape, and nature of particulates, this testing method does not provide an absolute measure of particulate quantity. ASTM® D4189-14 can be used to determine the effectiveness of clarification and filtration methods for low turbidity (<1.0 NTU) samples, such as well water, filtered water, or clarified effluent samples. Silt density index (SDI) values will vary with water temperature and membrane filters from different manufacturers; SDI values may not be directly comparable. Our product portfolio contains all the Millipore® filtration products you need for particle monitoring, regardless of your method or application.   

Analytical Method: SDI (Silt Density Index)

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Materials needed for ASTM® D4189-14

  • SDI Assembly (e.g. fouling index kit)
  • 0.45 µm, 47 mm gridded MCE filters (with or without hydrophobic edge)
  • 47 mm stainless steel filter holder
  • Forceps to handle filter membranes

Products for ASTM® D4189-14

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