Standard Test Method for Measurement of Fluorides in Workplace Atmospheres by Ion-Selective Electrodes

This test method covers the determination of dissolved and total recoverable barium in most waters and wastewaters. This test method was evaluated in the range from 33.5 to 132 μg/L of barium. The range can be increased or decreased by varying the volume of sample injected or the instrumental settings. High concentrations may be diluted but preferably should be analyzed by direct aspiration atomic absorption spectrophotometry.

Analysis Type (Application Method): Atomic emission spectroscopy

Link to ASTM® D4382:12 Method

Compatible Filters:

Groundwater sampling capsules or portable vacuum filter holder with hand vacuum pump. Filtering in field at time of collection. Any 0.45 μm filter that will not contribute/remove metals. An example would be the IC Millex® syringe filter. Forceps to handle filter membrane.


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