Standard Test Method for Determination of Benzene-Soluble Particulate Matter in Workplace Atmospheres

This test method provides a means of evaluating exposures to benzene-soluble particulate matter in a concentration range that can be related to occupational exposures. This test method describes the sampling and gravimetric determination of benzene-soluble particulate matter that has become airborne as a result of certain industrial processes. This test method can be used to determine the total weight of benzene-soluble materials and to provide a sample that may be used for specific and detailed analyses of the soluble components. Generally, fluid sample is passed through a membrane filter disk and the resultant weight increase of the filter is measured. Using vacuum, the fluid sample is drawn through the filter and any insoluble contamination is deposited/collected on the filter surface. Additionally, the filter disk is microscopically scanned for excessively large particles, fibers, or other unusual conditions. To indicate the nature and distribution of the particulate contamination, the gravimetric method should be supplemented by occasional particle counts of typical samples in accordance with Test Method ASTM® F 312.

Analysis Type (Application Method): Gravimetric

Link to ASTM® D4600-95 Method

Compatible Filters:

Air Monitoring cassettes with binderless glass fiber filter/ support pad, plus additional 0.45 μm PTFE syringe filter for later step in lab. Forceps to handle filter membrane.


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