F303:08 (Reapproved 2016)

Standard Practices for Sampling for Particles in Aerospace Fluids and Components

These practices cover sampling procedures for use in determining the particle cleanliness of liquids and liquid samples from components. Three practices, A, B, and C, have been developed on the basis of component geometry in order to encompass the wide variety of configurations. These practices establish guidelines to be used in preparing detailed procedures for sampling specific components.

Analysis Type (Application Method): Fluid sampling for particle analysis

Link to ASTM® F303:08 (Reapproved 2016) Method

Compatible Filters:

47 mm vacuum glassware (or stainless) plus accessories. Gridded membrane, black or white, pore size no greater than 1/2 the smallest particle size of those being counted, and chemically compatible with solvents being used. Common is 0.45 μm or 0.8 μm. Forceps to handle filter membrane.


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