Certified Standard Solutions (CRM) for Photometric Applications

Diluted, Ready-To-Use and in Varying Concentrations

Standards bottlesPrecise and accurate results are crucial, particularly when used for analysis of water and waste water. Photometric rapid tests for in-process controls can be used to test the quality of water without hassle in accordance with DIN, ISO, EN, APHA, EPA and USP, but for reliable and reproducible results, these methods must be checked regularly.

When it comes to analytical quality control, standard solutions that are traceable to globally accepted primary standards are essential. We have developed certified, diluted standard solutions which are traceable to standard reference materials (SRM) from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) or to United States Pharmacopeia USP.

With our standard solutions (CRM) for photometric applications, TOC analyzers, ICP-OES and Ion chromatography, you can perform your internal analytical quality control reliably and without extra effort. Time-consuming dilution is no longer necessary, since our standard solutions are ready-to-use, certified and come in a range of appropriate concentrations. Most importantly, they provide users with the certainty that they are traceable directly to primary standard reference materials from NIST or USP. This ensures that quality standards are comparable internationally.

Features and Benefits

  • Diluted standard solutions that are ready-to-use for accurate measurements
  • Traceable to SRM from NIST and USP
  • Full certificates of analysis with comprehensive quality documentation
  • Information on concentration and expanded measurement uncertainty
  • Save time and minimize errors


Standard Solutions | 100 ml or 250 ml | traceable to SRM from NIST or USP