Diluted, Certified Standard Solutions (CRM) for Water and Wastewater Analysis

No Dilution. No Doubts. No Delays. Just Precision.

Our new certified standard solutions (CRMs) are perfect for quality control for photometric methods, standards and our Spectroquant® Test Kits. We also offer ready-to-use standards for TOC analyzers, ICP-OES or Ion chromatography. To ensure accurate results, our CRMs can also be used as standards for test kits from other suppliers.

Our CRMs are directly traceable to NIST primary reference materials, and offer an expanded measurement uncertainty for every concentration. Whether you are analyzing drinking water, process water or wastewater, you’ll have no doubts, no dilution, and no delays. Just open a bottle of our certified reference materials and experience the highest standard in precision.

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Feature and Benefits

Extended Portfolio

Complete parameters for quality control in photometric analysis of wastewater, drinking water and process water.

Compatible with all Photometric Rapid Tests

Spectroquant® test kits or those from other suppliers.

Spectroquant® Test Kits.

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Includes batch-specific parameters, exact concentration, expanded measurement uncertainty, and more.

Download your COA

Perfect Combination with Spectroquant® Prove

New class of spectrophotometers for simple, secure and robust water analysis.

Spectroquant® Prove Spectrophotometers

Guideline to Calculate Your Working Tolerance

According to ISO 17025 every lab needs to calculate their working tolerance. Here is a hint for this procedure.

Calculating your working tolerance


Conversion Table

Conversion tables for different parameters.

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Ideal for Validating International Norm Methods


Ready to use

Diluted certified reference materials with exact concentrations save time and prevent dilution errors.

Diluted, Certified Standard Solutions Brochure

Our ready-to-use certified reference materials (CRM) are now available for photometry methods and standards for TOC analyzers, ICP-OES or Ion chromatography for example. Save time, and avoid dilution errors for accurate results.

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Standard Solutions | 100 ml or 250 ml | traceable to SRM from NIST or USP