Ammonium in Curative Water

Prove InstrumentsPhotometric determination using the indophenol blue method

Sample Preparation

Titriplex® III solution
Dissolve 12 g Titriplex® III and 2.6 g sodium hydroxide in 100 ml of water for analysis.

Curative water often contents an high amount of alkaline earth metals. The analysis may be hindered by the precipitation of alkaline earth hydroxides. In such cases, after allowing a sufficient time for the color to develop, add dropwise Titriplex® III solution to dissolve the precipitation. Treat the blank reading also with the same amount of Titriplex® III. The analysis is not interfered by Ca - contents up to 1000 mg/l.


Determine with the below mentioned test kits.


Ammonium content in mg/l NH4 = analysis value in mg/l NH4