Spectroquant® Prove 100 Spectrophotometer

Ideal for Wastewater Analysis

1. Add Water Sample
2. Insert Cell
3. Read Results

Spectroquant® Prove 100: Smart, Capable, and Economical VIS Spectrophotometer for Routine Applications

Developed for fast, easy, and secure use, the Spectroquant Prove 100 is the VIS spectrophotometer of choice for routine applications such as wastewater testing.

The unique cell test port allows direct insertion of cell tests saving time and maximizing efficiency in daily wastewater testing. The Prove 100 is pre-programmed for all Spectroquant® test kits and methods ensuring rapid and reliable results

All Spectroquant® test kits can be stored at room temperature eliminating the need to wait for reagents to warm and fluctuation due to temperature variations. The kits available for wastewater analysis include COD, BOD, TOC, phosphorus, ammonium, total nitrogen, nitrate, chromate, lead, volatile organic acids, and many more spectrophotometric analyses. A broad range of application notes are available for the Spectroquant® photometers for example COD measurement in wastewater (rapid digestion method).

Automatic Analysis and Documentation

All Spectroquant® cell and reagent tests are labeled with the data-rich Live ID system. The Live ID code transmits test method, lot number, expiry date, and calibration updates directly to the spectrophotometer. Results are automatically calculated. A clear list of filterable results is displayed on the smart screen. Data can be exported and printed in the format of your choice.

Ordering Information

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173016 Spectroquant® Prove 100

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