Spectroquant® Prove 300 Spectrophotometer

For Beverage and Drinking Water Analysis

Spectroquant® Prove 300: Sensitive Measurements from a Robust UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

Optimized for sensitive measurements, the Spectroquant® Prove 300 is a spectrophotometer for analyzing drinking water and beverages. The long lasting xenon lamp is capable of both UV and VIS measurements and the Prove is preprogrammed for over 180 reagent test kits and methods. The Spectroquant® Prove is compatible with 16 mm round cells as well as 10, 20, and 50 mm cuvettes allowing a broad measuring range. Multiple application notes are available for the Spectroquant® photometers. For example, brewery application.

Fully Traceable Results for Simpler Audits

An AutoSelector with a Live ID code is included with each reagent test kit. The Live ID barcode system interacts with the Prove 300 instrument providing test method, lot number, expiry date, and calibration updates. Spectrophotometric results are calculated automatically and are fully traceable.

The built in AQA Prime software provides complete verification and documentation for all stages of quality control. Brief overviews to complete protocols and results can be easily exported in the format of your choice.

Ordering Information

Product No. Description
173017 Spectroquant® Prove 300

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