Sulfate in Disposal Drainage Water

Prove InstrumentsPhotometric or turbidimetric determination

Sample Preparation - Total Content

Charcoal activated for soil tests
Membrane filter with 0.45 μm pore diameter

First filter the sample through a folded filter until clear. If necessary, filter through an membrane filter. As a rule, samples must be diluted with water for analysis due to the often high concentration of sulfate present. If the sample is strongly colored, mix 100 ml with 5 g activated charcoal for soil analysis, stir, filter off the charcoal and, if necessary, filter through a membrane filter. In such a case, treatment with activated charcoal should be taken into ccount when preparing the blank!


Determine with the below mentioned test kits.


Sulfate content in SO4 = analysis value in mg/l SO4
This result should be multiplied by the dilution factor if the sample has been diluted with water for analysis.

Procedural Comparison

Two seepage water samples taken from an industrial landfill were analysed according to procedure DIN 38405 D5-2 and the above procedure. The following results were obtained in mg/l:

Sample DIN 38405 D5-2 SQ-CT 114548 SQ 114791
1 17400 18600 19800
2 9100 7000 10200




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