Spectroquant® Test Kits for Spectrophotometric Analysis

For Swift, Secure and Precise Analysis, There is No Better Choice Than Spectroquant® Test Kits.

Ready-to-use test kitsReady-to-Use Test Kits – optimized and easy handling for routine and special analyses.

Reliable Results – with validated standard-compliant reagents

Bar-code Identification – automated method recognition for Spectroquant® system photometers

Testing along Official Methods – of USEPA, WHO, ISO, GLP, ICUMSA, MEBAK, ASBC and others…

Over 180 Spectroquant® Test Kits are Available as Ready-to-Use Cell Test Kits or Reagent Test Kits for Water, Food and Environmental Analytics:

Cell Test Kits

Cell test kits

  • All reagents in a prepared 16 mm round cell ready for immediate analysis
  • 24 pre-filled round cells + 1 blank cell in one box
  • Live ID bar-code system automated method recognition on the Spectroquant® instrument family, with transfer of information such as lot number, expiry date, method and calibration updates
  • Example Cell Tests for wastewater analysis are Ammonium, Chromate, COD, Nitrogen (total), Phosphate, TOC


Reagent Test Kits

Reagent test kits

  • Highly stable, ready-to-use reagent mixtures for multiple analyses.
  • Test kits with all necessary reagents for your analysis
  • Unique AutoSelector uses Live ID bar-code system to pre-select method and detailed information about the test kit
  • Vary your measuring range by selecting the appropriate cell format. 10, 20, 50 mm or with Prove 600 even 100 mm cells allows ultra-sensitive analyses
  • Example Reagent Tests for drinking water analysis are free Chlorine, Fluoride, Iron, Manganese, Nitrate, Sulfate


The latest edition of our Water Food and Environmental Analytics Catalog provides an overview table with comprehensive information on all Spectroquant® test kits, measuring ranges, reference standards, accuracy and areas of application as well as our guidance which test to choose for your application. We further offer a broad range of USEPA approved photometric test kits for drinking water, wastewater and environmental analysis.

All Spectroquant® test kits are compatible with the Spectroquant® Prove and Move family of instruments and accessories.

Ready-to-use Spectroquant® Test Kits can be used seamlessly with your METTLER TOLEDO spectrophotometer
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