Aquastar® Reagents for Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration

Volumetric Karl Fischer titration is recommended for determining water contents in samples with water levels of between 0.1 and 100%. With our range of Aquastar® reagents for volumetric water determination according to Karl Fischer method, you benefit from high titration rates and accurate, reliable results.

Principle of the Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration

In volumetric Karl Fischer titration, the basis for the determination of water content is the oxidation of sulfur dioxide by iodine in the presence of water. The water content of the sample is determined by measuring the volume of Karl Fischer titrant, consisting of an alcohol, a buffer base, sulfur dioxide, and a known concentration of iodine, which is required to reach the titration endpoint. The sample is completely dissolved or dispersed in a suitable solvent with strict exclusion of atmospheric moisture and then titrated with the Karl Fischer titrant. When all the water in the sample is consumed, the resulting excess of iodine can be determined potentiometrically.

The Karl Fischer Titration Process

  • Elimination of ambient moisture in the titration cell
  • Elimination of traces of water in the Karl Fischer solvent
  • Elimination of adherent moisture in the titration cell (wall; electrode, stopper)
  • Determination of the correct concentration of the Karl Fischer Titrant
  • Correction of influence from the burette, handling & environment Use of standards for the titer determination
Sample Determination
  • Completely dissolved or dispersed sample in a suitable solvent
  • Complete extraction of the water from the sample

Aquastar® Volumetric Reagents

In our comprehensive portfolio for volumetric KF titration, we offer a broad range of reagents for any kind of application:


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