Karl Fischer - Solvents for Oil and Fat Samples

Aquastar® CombiSolvent Oil & CombiSolvent Fats

Mineral oils are mainly a mixture of long-chain hydrocarbons with aromatic compounds, whereas fats consist primarily of glycerol esters of higher fatty acids. Given these different dissolution properties, we offer specialized solvents: CombiSolvent Oil and CombiSolvent Fat. Both can be combined with our CombiTitrants.

For long chain non-polar hydrocarbons, we additionally offer our Solvent oils & fats. This solvent can be combined with our two-component Titrant 5 and Titrant 2, but we also recommend it for use with our one component CombiTitrants.

When determining the exact water content in oils and fats it is important that the samples are completely dissolved or dispersed. If not, all the water is not extracted during the determination. Depending on the type of oil or fat to be determined, different solvents are suitable for this purpose. For the Aquastar line, special reagents without chloroform have been developed.


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