One-Component Reagents for Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration

Aquastar® One Component Reagents

  • High titration rate for fast analyses
  • Distinct endpoint to ensure confidence in results
  • Ensured constant and consistent high quality for comparable results
  • Higher flexibility - the solvent can easily be suited to the sample matrices
  • No toxic alcohol in CombiTitrant and CombiSolvent
  • Unlimited water capacity

One-component reagents contain all reactive compounds for
the Karl Fischer reaction in one reagent, the titrant.

Aquastar® CombiTitrant
Aquastar® CombiTitrant reagents for one-component volumetric Karl Fischer analysis already contain all ingredients required by the Karl Fischer reaction – iodine, base, and sulfur dioxide dissolved in alcohol. Your advantage: For dissolving your sample, you can freely choose the solvent that is most suitable for your sample matrix.

Aquastar® CombiSolvent
For standard titrations, we recommend the use of Aquastar® CombiSolvent, our innovative methanol-free solvent for one-component volumetric titration. Aquastar® CombiSolvent is an ethanol-based solvent and free of methanol, used together with our Aquastar® CombiTitrants, CombiSolvent shows a higher titration rate and a more distinct endpoint than methanol.



More flexibility
Should your samples not dissolve in CombiSolvent or methanol alone, you can flexibly use mixtures with dissolution aids such as long-chain alcohols together with our one-component titrants. Moreover, our one-component reagents feature a nearly unlimited water capacity because base and sulfur dioxide are always added with the titrant.

Our product range of easy-to-use and economical Aquastar® one-component reagents includes titrants with nominal titer values of 1, 2, and 5 mg H2O/ml to cover a wide range of titration applications. Aquastar® CombiTitrants and CombiSolvent are available in packaging compatible with all major brands of titrators.

Aquastar® CombiMethanol

Methanol – with low water content – is the solvent typically used in the one component titration for standards applications. The quality of the methanol used for the Karl Fischer titration is critical to minimize both pretitration, and the interfering side reactions. Aquastar® CombiMethanol is optimized specifically for use in Karl Fischer titrations by strictly limited key impurities and water contents.



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