Two-Component Reagents for Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration

Aquastar® Two Component Reagents

In two-component reagent systems, the titrant contains only iodine and methanol, while the solvent contains the other Karl Fischer reaction components – sulfur dioxide and a suitable base dissolved in methanol. It is used as the working medium in the Karl Fischer titration cell.

  • Titration rate slightly faster
  • High accuracy
  • Better buffer capacity
  • Distinct endpoint to ensure confidence in results
  • Good titer stability
  • Ensured constant and consistent high quality



Aquastar® Titrant
Aquastar® Titrant reagents for two-component volumetric Karl Fischer analysis and contain iodine and methanol. Titrant reagents need to be combined with Aquastar Solvent.

Aquastar® Solvent
Aquastar® Solvent contains sulfur dioxide and the base; both are dissolved in alcohol. This medium is filled into the titration cell to dissolve the sample.


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