NIOSH 2011


This test method uses ion chromatography and conductivity detection to monitor formic acid. Handle all hazardous chemicals in a fume hood. This is a modification of Method 7903 (Acids, inorganic) and revises Method S173. Formic acid is typically used as a preservative and an antibacterial agent in livestock feed. It′s also used to produce leather in the tanning and dyeing process.

Analysis Type (Application Method): Ion chromatography, conductivity

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Compatible Filters:

25 mm 5.0 μm PTFE prefilter. 13mm 0.45-μm pore size membrane syringe filters with luer tip. 4L receiver flasks. Membrane disks 1.2um Nylon, 5um PVC, supported & unsupported 0.45 um PTFE in 47 mm format with associated 47mm glass hardware for reagent preparation [other sizes not listed]. Forceps to handle filter membrane. .


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