NIOSH 5013


This test method uses HPLC (UV detection) techniques to monitor benzidine, o-tolidine, o-dianisidine, and aspartame. This method determines benzidine, o-tolidine or o-dianisidine from dyes based on these amines, but will not distinguish different dyes based on the same amine. The method will not distinguish benzidine obtained from reduction of the dyes and free benzidine in the dye formulation. This revises P&CAM 325. Note caution that that benzidine- and benzidine-congener-based dyes be recognized and handled as human carcinogens because they can be reduced to the free aromatic amine in living systems and eliminated by the usual metabolic pathways.

Analysis Type (Application Method): HPLC-UV

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Compatible Filters:

37 mm 5 μm PTFE filter with a backup pad in a 3 piece plastic cassette filter holder. An example would be the Mitex™ PTFE. Forceps to handle filter membrane.


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