NIOSH 5026 (Issue 2)


This method uses infrared spectrophotometry to monitor mineral oil. This method is applicable to all trichlorofluoroethane-soluble mineral oil mists, but not to (nor does OSHA’s standard cover) semi-synthetic or synthetic cutting fluids. This revises P&CAM 283. P&CAM 159 and S272 use similar samplers with measurement by fluorescence spectrophotometry. Carbon tetrachloride is a suspected human carcinogen. Handle in a fume hood.

Analysis Type (Application Method): IR

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Compatible Filters:

37 mm 0.8 μm MCE, 5 μm PVC, 2 μm PTFE, or glass fiber filter, with cellulose backup pad in two-piece filter cassette. Forceps to handle filter membrane.


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